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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Your Chase Bank Horror Story wanted for "The Cat Who Ate Chase Bank", the book.

Do you know somebody who has suffered as a direct result of Chase Bank's raising of their monthly minimum payment from 2% to 5% on credit card accounts that had life of the loan, low interest rates agreement already in place? Do you feel your home equity line was unfairly cut off to you overnight? Have you been charged a crazy amount of fees and penalties? I want your story for my book, the Cat Who Ate Chase Bank.

One of Chase Bank's most notorious anti customer campaign involved raising the monthly minimum payment from 2% to 5% on their very low interest, life of the loan credit card agreements. The customers who were hit with this huge increase in their monthly minimum payment were customers that were never late on their payments.

Chase Bank lobbied Congress and was able to get the credit card reform bill act manipulated so Chase Bank would not have to notify their own low interest, life of the loan credit card customers that they could change over to the five year pay down program. Most of their own customers do not know about the five year Pro-Active pay down program.
If you call Chase Bank customer service and ask about getting a better deal, they will mislead you and tell you there is nothing they can do for you
even though Chase Bank actually has a Pro-Active department designed to put you on a five year program at the same low interest rate you were paying with Chase Bank. Click here to go to that free article with the toll free phone number and important information before you call.

As a reader recently commented, some of the Indian call centers actually laugh at you as if they are enjoying your suffering. Yes, even with the bailout money and additional monies given to the banks, Chase Bank is still outsourcing jobs to India even as Chase Bank builds a lavish airport hangar for their Lear Jets.

Chase Bank is even "giving away" 5 million dollars to facebook non-profit groups and telling everybody who will listen how great they are for doing it. Sadly, this 5 million dollars is just a drop in the bucket to what Chase Bank has stolen from their one million customers who were never late on their payments yet had to deal with the indignity and dangerous consequences of a 150% raise in their monthly minimum payments.

Lets be clear here, any consumer who has other, higher interest rate credit card debt and is instead forced to pay down their low interest rate Chase Bank debt at a faster pace because of the 5% monthly minimum payment, has basically been stolen from by Chase Bank.

While all credit card companies offered low interest rate, life of the loan credit card agreements to their customers, ONLY CHASE BANK actually reneged on their agreement, changing the terms, and then would not allow their customers to opt out. Only Chase Bank did that.

If you are the victim of the Chase Bank monthly minimum payment increase, you can call in and get your payment reduced back to the 2% monthly minimum rate. There is even a secret Chase Bank five year Pro-Active plan that is a superior option to having your monthly minimum payment go up by an additional 150%.

However, of the possibly one to two million customers who had their monthly minimum payment increased on their low interest rate account, probably 90% or more will never find out about the 5 year program. Some of these people will most likely be the victim of some type of penalty as they fall behind on some of their payments. The resulting hit their credit score will take will then result in higher interest rates on their other accounts.

If we can find just a few of these people and have them tell their story, I will include at least some of them in my book, "The Cat Who Ate Chase Bank". Please help. If you can investigate a bit, please do so. If you know someone who still can benefit by the five year plan, please tell them about it as well.

Don't forget, the Cat Who Ate Chase Bank, the book, coming out in early 2010.


  1. HI Alessandro,

    Right, that was ME that called on one of two cards and the Indian guy in the call center actually laughed at me and told me they could CALL the loan if they wanted and close the account. They did not offer me any deal at all, not even the jack your interest rate to 8.99 for 18 months and then 18% after that. It was quite offensive.

    The best thing we can do is to get our friends and neighbors OUT of the clutches of Chase Bank, while we are putting Indian call centers like that one OUT of busyness:)

    Friends don't let Friends use Chase Bank.

    1. Friends don't let Friends use Chase Bank.
      I have 3 credit cards with Chase and a Truck payment with Chase bank. I pay all on time, every time. I thought I was a loyal customer, but apparently I'm not. I had an opportunity to pay down my credit card debt, and decided to pay off 1 of my Chase cards. $10,000 -hoping my credit rating would go up, only to receive a letter from Chase telling me (on the card I paid in full)that due to a recent evaluation my available credit will go down by $5,000. Now you may think this is no big deal, but I am furious. That $10,000 available credit should make my score go up, but now it is only $5,0000 available it will not. Also, I guess I can expect what little I have left available on my other cards will probably be decreased too. I called, and of course talked with a girl from India who told me all they could do was reevaluate my credit situation again. What good will that do? You just did it and found it to be needing a decrease? She definitely heard an earful on how Chase rewards their loyal customers. I pla to blog about this to everyone, everywhere. If it stops one person from using Chase, be it a bank account or car loan, or credit card, I would be happy as you state- Friends don't let Friends use Chase Bank. Thanks for listening.

  2. Hi Gerry, I like to give credit where credit is due. (not meant as a pun). Are you gong to move your money to a community bank or a credit union?

  3. I had a chase card, naver late on a payment abnd my intrerest rate jumped 6% for no reason. The folls tried to tell me that the cost of borrowing had risen. Now how canthat be when the fed rate is at 0. LIARS LIARS LIARS

  4. I think you can opt out of credit card interest rate increases by closing your card. However, there is usually a window of time to do this within.

  5. As a customer of CHASE BANK and on a fixed income I despise that damn bank for uping my credit interest to 22 percent even though I have never been late with a payment, even paid more than the minimum due each month!! My reward for being so stupid?? They not only raised my interest rate but lowered my available credit by $3000.00. Anyone should have seen this coming when they allowed the banks all that time before the new laws went into effect!! Now Chase has made more profit than ever before and is paying back its Gov. bail out loan,by gouging more money out of the people who can least afford it!!! Do the words "LOAN SHARKING" sound familar?? THIS BANK MAKES THE MAFIA LOOK GOOD!!!

  6. While fighting for my life (stage 3 breast cancer), I have had to fight my lender for my home for almost a year. Finally, on Jan. 6, 2010 Tamya Kennedy with Chase/WAMU left me a voice mail message to say they had approved my loan modification.

    On Jan. 22, she left me a message stating their guidelines had changed (I saved this message.), and I no longer qualified for the modification – I saved this message. I have put up with their illegal and unethical behavior for years, and now they are foreclosing on my home.

    I am being screwed over by my lender Chase/WAMU both on my loan modification and my payments!!!

    1. They overcharged me months on my payments, and have refused to state where the money went.
    2. On 1/6 they called and said I had been approved for the modification (after a yr and 2 applications), and papers were being sent to my attorney. On 1/22 they called and said their guidelines had changed, and I no longer qualified. This is a governmental modification program w/federal guidelines, Chase can't change them! I checked w/my attorney and Chase never sent them anything!

    WHO can I file formal complaints with - governmental officials, attorney, etc.?????


    PS: I live in Oregon

  7. Hi Media, Don't be shy. If you want to be notified when important stories come up, please contact me.

  8. Hi Alessandro,

    I only used Chase Credit Credits, I never had any other accounts there. I already did most of my other banking at my credit union and used a home equity line to pay off the Chase Balance Transfer loan (I DID not know, nor did they offer any other option other than the over-the-barrel jack your rate for 18 months to 8.99 and then up to 18% after that to recover the 2% minimum balance).
    I realize they WON by my paying my account off, but I was determined to NEVER pay them another penny they could profit off of, and to tell my story HERE and other places to warn people of their PREDATORY nature.

    Because I traveled a great deal and have very good credit, I had small balance transfers (less than 10k) on Citibank and Discover. NEITHER jacked the minimum balance 150% and both including several B of A accounts have been class acts.

    Friends don't let Friends Use Chase Bank:)

  9. My story started when my brother passed away in Oct 2009. I was the sole beneficiary on his Chase Bank Accts in Moreno Valley, Ca. At first I was told they could release these accts to me if I opened new accts with them and had the money transferred, which I refused to do. After several visits to this branch, 2 of the accts were released but they wouldn't tell me why they wouldn't release 2 other small ones. Paperwork that they gave me to have notarized was pushed aside and not used, telling me it was the wrong stuff but refusing to tell me what they did need. I was finally told to hire an attorney, which I did. My attorney was astounded by their attitude when they told me to open probate. Calif Probate law requires a minimum of $100,000 to open a probate, these 2 accts totaled $8,000. I was finally told to wait 5 years until the money went to the state and then try to get it from them. After many phone calls we were fortunate to connect to a line in San Antonio, Tx and their Executive Offices. Someone finally put us in touch with their Deceased Close Out Dept. I was then told that all I needed was my deceased mother's death cert as she was the beneficiary on these accts. Once I faxed that info to this dept, I had my money in a week. Why wouldn't the Moreno Valley Branch just tell me that ?

  10. I, too, have had it dealing with their Indian phonecalls. laughing and harrassing us. They obviously get much pleasure in our dire situation. My husband was layed off for 7 months, and in a very serious car accident the year before that. Things financially have been very tight. On our car loan, we got two months behind, and the harrassing calls at home at work, they are coming to get the car. On Friday, I paid up the two behind car payments, but Tuesday 3/08 the next payment was due. They have called here five times today (3/09)!!! One day late! They obviously want our car more than the money, and they have pretty much so stated. Very sad.

  11. My name is David DeHaven, I've had a CHASE BANK credit card for over 5 yrs, never late, never a minimum payment. Out of the blue I was informed my interest rate would increase from 5.99% to 11.99%! I called they said I could opt out of the increase by closing my account, but the interest on the unpaid balance would be 21%!!
    and it looks like Im stuck in their crooked ways! Taxpayers bailed these creeps out too!

  12. You should fight this David. First of all, if you look over my site you will see there is a five year pay down program in which you make the same payment every month. The interest rate for this is supposed to be what you currently have.

    Additionally, OPT OUT means you keep the terms you have but you the account is closed and you continue to make your payments on time. Are you seriously telling me that Chase Bank is trying to change what OPT OUT means? This is just outrageous.

  13. After 4 failed attempts to connect with Chase
    "customer service" today I learned that they are located in Manila, Philippines! Isn't it great to know that MY money and the US bailout money is supporting foreigners while hundreds of thousands of AMERICANS are unemployed and homeless????? I am leaving now to go closeout my accouts with CHASE. PLEASE pass this on

  14. Taxpayers did not bail out Chase. They did not want TARP money, and returned it all with a profit to the government.

  15. Allegations exist that Chase Bank Executives infiltrated WAM banks U in California, sent the documents back to Texas, then took over WAMU's 200 billion dollars in assets for like 2 billion dollars.

    I think Chase Bank got their bailout. And the shareholders, also known as taxpayers of WAMU, LOST THEIR STOCK.

    And the jobs going overseas is unacceptable. Overseas jobs are fine for overseas banking services, but Chase has now victimized american workers as well.

  16. At the helm of this pirate like company is a "DEMON".....

  17. Just today I received yet another notice from Chase that my interest rate would be raised from 14.9% to 17.9% because I was one hour "late" on my payment. I live in the CST time zone, forgot that my payment is posted in EST time zone. My interest rate prior to the government passing legislation to reign in the credit card companies was 8.9%...shortly after announcing this legislation, in December (I guess you could call this Chase's preemptive strike), my interest rate was increased 6 percentage points...for no reason. I have always been on time with my payments, always paying above and beyond the minimum. I am totally at a loss as to what I can do...I guess just nothing...nothing like being bitten by a loan shark masquerading as a respectable "bank"...what a travesty.

  18. hello everyone i am sorry for all the horr chase has caused in your lives. The is another evil side to chase; the millenium mobsters that evict tenants from foresclosed properties without legal documents. chase resorted to forging my signature to a bogus contract, filed it in california superior court and had me and my 3 children evicted by a judge last august.


  19. Hi Laura, You may be able to "opt out" of your credit card. If so, your card will remain at the interest rate it was before this most recent increase, you won't use the card anymore as it will be closed , and you will then pay it off over time. Your credit score will dip for a while, then begin to go up as you pay down the debt.

    You may also want to look into the five year pay down program at your OLD INTEREST RATE OF AROUND 8.9%. Use the blog search words Pro Active Chase Bank, or click on the images I have near the top of this blog that links to the article I wrote about this possibility.

  20. Artanzia, if you have copies of the forged document signatures, you may want to make a copy and post it online, however, you may not want to reveal your signature online.... Please check out Swarm the Banks and maybe you will find information there that can still help you.

  21. Chase froze my husband’s account because of an identity theft alert on his account. The bank refused to allow him to make a deposit or cash any government checks. Which is apparently against the law in this situation. The bank required for him to prove his identity with social security which he did but the account remained frozen. The bank, however, continued to charge fees for all of the electronic transactions that were preset with online banking. They also considered allowing an electronic debit for 999,999,999.00. Over a week has gone by and they remain determined to collect the nsf fees that they tacked on from all of this mess before they will even consider to open a new account. Their policies don’t make sense. The customer service is appalling and I would never trust or recommend any business affiliated with Chase.

  22. hi, my son has a car loan with chase autoloan. he has been paying for 5 years on this account. although he has been late, he has made his obligation and paid his car off recently. they now say that he owes almost 800 dollars more and wants all this is one payment or they will come and repo his car.i have talked to three people and all tell me he either pays or else. i ask for installment fees, they each says no. i ask to speak to a supervisor, one is not available or i am put on hold. also they say he was charged with an investigator fee, because when he did get behind, but caught all payments up, they sent one out to find the car. bunch of bs to me. so now chase says this bill is his to pay. chase sucks, you have to argue with the customer service people, some you cant understand, and never get to speak to someone in charge. my son has done the best he can considereing he is a single father with three boys to raise on his own, but do you think this matters to them. heck no. chase wants more and more. and yes their customer service people do not tell you the truth. one time you talk to someone who tells you something one time and when tou call again and talk to someone else they do not know what you are asking. you never talk to the same person when you call again. everyone always has a different story. they neeed to be shut down, times are hard enough without having to fight with a bank like chase.

  23. I really appreciate all of these stories. Any story written here I can use in a book to further illustrate what Chase bank is doing. When comments get posted on the consumer affairs site, I can't use them without paying a fee, most likely a huge fee, if I could ever get someone from there to respond to my emails.

    So thanks for posting here, this is the kind of story that just sickens me about Chase bank and the rich elite who support them behind closed doors, in my opinion, people like Oprah Winfrey.

  24. Any good attorneys looking to represent a chase customer screwed by Chase's online payments? I paid my credit card ONE time online with my other credit union and they kept that information without my authorization or knowledge. They were very misleading when I went to pay my next months credit card statement, I clicked the number -- they say the name of the institute appeared, but I never saw it. Their was no indication that there was even any changes made to the account - no email - nothing. So I clicked it the same way I do each month. I read their disclaimer, no where did it say that it was from out credit union account just the last four numbers that are very similar to our chase account number. Their online set up should have never been allowed to keep my information from another bank unless I clearly said it was okay -- not to do it automatically. They bounced my other account since the payment was $1,200 at the beginning of the month when our other personal bills are paid. Thus a tsunami effect on our personal finances accruing $300 in overdraft fees totaling to a negative $900 on our personal account. On top of all this we were traveling and unable to pull out any money for food or gas with 4 very small children -- ruined the end of our vacation. VERY UPSET AND they won't fix it. They are saying they'll only put back nine hundred and something dollars and everything else we're responsible for. One of the Chase ladies (which I do have her name.) that we contacted while on vacation told me not to worry to just call on Monday and they'll take care of everything. This happens all the time. This happens a lot -- WHAT? okay 1 your not fixing it like I was promised and 2 if it happens a lot and the bank has not fixed the misleading confusion of their multiple account info they keep, then something needs to push them into fixing their errors. Very upset-- want my money back, fees reversed, and compensation for the stress and my ruined vacation let alone my husbands vacation time wasted.

  25. LoverofRaleigh, I agree with you that when you make a payment from a new account that you as the customer need to be clearly asked by the computer software if you want the payment information saved or not for reuse the next month.

    As a secondary safeguard, if the account number payment information is saved by Chase Bank without your consent, it should appear as a Payment OPTION the next time you go to use that same service, not the only choice, so you can decide whether or not to use it again.

    If the customer service rep says these payment mistakes happen a lot, then that pretty much would corroborate your position that the payment set up page is confusing, and sadly, generating undeserved penalties to families who are trying to live within their means.

  26. This is by far the worst scum bag bank in the world. I have my mortgage with Chase, If I am two days late the phone rings at least 6 to 8 times a day up to 10:00 PM at night with calls from Foreigners, that can't speak English or pronounce my name. Instead of giving Americans, that need jobs, the work, they hire these off shore dirt bags from India, Philippins,and Venezuela to make calls. Screw you Chase and scum bag that works for you.

  27. What angry, sad people you all are! Chase gives over $105 million a year to charity, pays over $4 billion a year in federal taxes alone, never asked for nor wanted anything amounting to a "bailout", then when was forced to take it, they get attacked by people like you who are bitter that they're trying to recoup some of their losses over people not paying for their unsecured lines of credit (i.e. credit cards)! There are plenty of bad banks out there. Chase is one of the good ones. Pay closer attention!

    PS the US taxpayers made a profit of $781 million from the preferred stock the gov't purchased from Chase during TARP.

  28. 105 million dollars a year, that's it? I seem to recall Chase Bank stealing WAMU"s 200 billion in assets for like 4 billion dollars, also known as 2 cents on the dollar and a HECK OF A LOT MORE MONEY than 105 million dollars a year.

    Wamu stockholders lost a ton of money as a result of that takeover.

    Lets not forget the million customers who had life of the loan low interest rate credit card agreements with Chase Bank that were changed with no customer right to opt out. The result was people had to pay off their Chase Bank low interest rate card much much faster than their other higher interest rate card debts, resulting in monthly losses to Chase Bank customers of anywhere from 50 million to a hundred million dollars A MONTH or more! More than enough money to "fund" a 105 million dollars a year pittance for charitable purposes.

    Chase also benefited from excessive fees and charges that accrued because of poor computer software integration between the WAMU branches they acquired and their own branches. People's deposits would be delayed, causing overdraft fees to kick in.

    Chase is international, why not preserve american jobs for customer services that americans require of Chase?

  29. The pawns endorsing Chase are just an example of their evil minions. Yes the Indians seem to take great pleasure in being hateful. What a sick bunch of people. Chase increased both my credit cards to 26% in one month. I have been their customer for over 15 years. My creadit rating was always over 725 for 20 years. They incresed it and even though I was making twice the minimum balance they said I was late and demanded four times that amount on each account.

    The next thing was to increase my account balances by over $1500 in five months with fees andmore usery amounts. During that time they called a minimum of three times a day per account per phone number they had. Even when I answered they continued to call. That is 12 calls per day. Answering seemed to give their Indian callers an erection as they called back more.

    The next thing was a call every day and them telling me they "had no record of calling and speaking to me the day before>" while claiming they did not call more than every three days if they spoke to me. So they are willfully deleting contact info in order to harrass.

    Thing is after they had increased my balances, they then sent me a notice stating that if I "started paying again they would give me BACK my low interest rate." WTH?? They increased it fo no reason, bloated out my balance and then said they would go back. So basically they have artificially increased their debt load to make themselves what? Run on this bank and get your money out!!

  30. Let me start off by saying (chase bank) SUCKS!!
    I took out a private student loan from chase and 2 months prior the due date I had lost my job due to economic shut down. I called to let them know what was going on and if possible could I work on a deferment. Well, things had turned for the worst for me (i.e. keeping food on the table), I was two days late and they called me for a payment! To make this short, I have been fighting with rude, uneducated, and ignorant people who loves to play God! Now I'm playing catch up and sending them the min payment is almost impossible, so I try to work out something but they don't want to work out anything. Please I beg you all, tell your friends and family to Run when they hear chase bank! P.S. for the person who try to protect chase calling us angry and sad, try to walk in some of our shoes, then your comment would hold weight!!

  31. Chase Bank fucking sucks

  32. I hate Chase. I had a card with them with 14% interest rate. It jumped to over 25% for no reason. I asked them to reduce it, they said no. THEY GET A BAILOUT? Then take me to court when I couldn't pay my bill anymore. Why do they get to get a bailout and take customers to court who were doing fine until they jackedup the interest rate? Why do they get a bailout and WE don't? If they get a bailout then their customers debt should be erased!

  33. Target did the same thing to me! Raised my rate to just under 24%!

    This is incredibly despicable because Target is actually stealing money from their vendors because money that might go to buy a vendors product now goes to a pay the interest charges on my Target Card.

    Suffice it to say that I am in the process of reducing the credit line down to a hundred bucks or so.

  34. What angry, sad people you all are! Chase gives over $105 million a year to charity, pays over $4 billion a year in federal taxes alone, never asked for nor wanted anything amounting to a "bailout", then when was forced to take it, they get attacked by people like you who are bitter that they're trying to recoup some of their losses over people not paying for their unsecured lines of credit (i.e. credit cards)! There are plenty of bad banks out there. Chase is one of the good ones. Pay closer attention!

    PS The US taxpayers made a profit of $781 million from the preferred stock the gov't purchased from Chase during TARP.

  35. I recently received a letter from Chase regarding my home equity line of credit. The letter stated "it was found that a Chase employee e-mailed my loan and personal info to their personal e-mail address". The letter suggested I contact the credit bureaus. Obviously, this is a major concern, putting me at risk for identity theft, stolen money, etc., and I am now thinking I should see an attorney about a class action suit against Chase. Has anyone else received this same letter from Chase?

  36. They ripped my husband and myself off big time. They said they were giving us a LOAN MODIFICATION and it was a forebearance. Needless to say they wanted the money we were saving for 10 mos. back in a lump sum. To add insult to injury they claimed we had missed 5 payments when in fact we had been making our payments, it was once again the money we had supposedly been saving plus late charges. I can't believe this is legal. It's deceptive business practices. Laura in Ga.

  37. Anonymous, you were probably a victim of "parallel foreclosure". Perhaps as many as a million homeowners have been victimized by the practice of parallel foreclosure.

    I am trying to get the right law firm to turn what has happened to you, and possibly a million other homeowners, into a class action lawsuit. You can check out Parallel Foreclosure
    to learn more.

    You can also check out Swarm The Banks to keep up on several dozen foreclosure blogs all at the same time.

  38. Oh, just noticed you are Laura in Georgia.



  40. I opened a checking account hase awhile ago. Later I was sent a debit card which linked to the account. I do not use debit cards so I disregarded it. After many months I got an email that my account funds were low. When I checked into my account on the internet Chase has been charging me $6/ month for NOT USING MY DEBIT CARD. Unbelievable.

  41. I believe Chase Bank intentionally sets their corporate policies to make customers mess up. Let me tell you my experience with my college daughter who goes to school about 4 hours from home. We went with Chase bank because they have atm's and a branch location on campus. My daughter seldom needs to go into a branch to do her banking and usually only does when she is home and needs to deposit money. She has complained many times that the bank employees "chase" her down to try to sell her more services or sign up for a credit card the minute she enters the branch. I called and complained but they always seem to present a logical yet ridiculous story to justify their actions. "We try to keep our customers informed about our offering", I was told once. PLEASE!

    The most recent incident with Chase Bank was when I went to deposit $200 into my daughters account because she was running low on money. I did not have her account number but though I should have no problem especially since her address is still the same as our home address. I presented my drivers license and asked them to transfer the $200 from a saving account I had purposely set up at Chase so I could easily transfer money when she needed. Ya, right! I did not ask for a account information but only requested they transfer the $200 from my personal account into her checking account. They told me they couldn't because they can not share account information and because of privacy issues could not honor my request. "What", I said. I am not asking for account information all I want is money transferred into her account so she does not accidentally overdraft.

    Moral of the story. Chase will always present outrageous reasons for not helping customers. They would prefer my daughter overdraft than be helped out by family. Stay away from Chase bank. I closed that saving account right after this incident and am encouraging my daughter to go elsewhere for her banking needs. There are plenty of other banks to choose from who are willing to be good stewards.

  42. The constant selling of a new service or product to your daughter is wrong in my opinion. There should be an option on the viewing window that limits the amount of solicitations that a teller can make per year.

    As for the 200 dollar deposit fiasco, I think what may have happened is because your name is not on your daughters account they have no way to "officially" look up her account.

    While they may have a way to look at the account, if it is not an "official" method, the teller could receive a warning or reprimand from Chase Bank.

    Too bad that a customer does not have the same right of refusal when it comes to asking that new offers not be solicited to them every time they go to the teller window.

  43. My own story about Chase and Chase Auto Finance can be found at:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your website very much, and I would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about my own personal experiences.

  44. My husband and I have a loan for our home with Chase. I had to quit my job due to an unsafe work environment. I've been looking for work and have called Chase since the first part of February to ask for some sort of assistance. They are horrible to talk to. Not only did I receive no assistance I also received verbal abuse by Charles one of their customer service employee's. I can tell you I will never NEVER deal with Chase again. I and many of my friends feel the same way. They are the WORST bank!!!! When I am through with this I am going to be through for EVER!!!!

  45. Darla, in my opinion one of the biggest gaps in banking services is not allowing the banks to deviate from standardized financial statements for relevant, human issues.

    You bring up an excellent point. If your job had a hazzard associated with it, then your quitting is justified and the bank should be investigating the work environment that led to you quitting, rather than hiring thugs and meanies to constantly harrass you with unending phone calls.

  46. I had a mortgage from Chase, the house I owned got flooded and the sewage system burst, and tried to negotiate with Chase not to foreclose because I was on the process of fixing the house. They foreclosed, and they lost money. Now they have hired Allied International Credit Corp. (US) to come after me for their loss. Please do not deal with chase, their customer service is one of the worst I have encountered!!

  47. Well folks try this on for size! I promise it's worth the read!

  48. I sold furniture on Craigslist, and the "lady" sent me a check for the furniture with an extra $2000 for shipping and movers fees. I am not stupid, I know scams happen on Craigslist ALL THE TIME. So i brought the check to the bank and deposited it. The next day, my online banking showed that the check had gone through. So I went to the bank and actually went inside to confirm with someone face to face that the money was there before I sent ANYTHING to the moving company. I told them that I had sold furniture online and I was skeptical about it being fraud so I confirmed with THREE different people in the bank, one being the manager that the check had been "cleared". Then I withdrew the amount of money I was supposed to, to send to the movers and sent it.
    Yesterday (2 days later), I received a text message saying my account was overdrafted by $1573.26. This came as a shock to me since I had $950 in the bank that morning and had spent ALL DAY at work. I left work and went to the bank and they proceeded to tell me the check had bounced. Which means it did not actually clear in the first place. I asked why I was told that it was, they said they had cleared the check in "good faith" since I had never gone negative before. They also said there is no way for me to get my money back and I am responsible for paying them the entire $1573.26 plus $30 in overdraft fees for EVERY DAY my account is below $0.
    The issue is that like any normal person, ALL of my money was in the bank. This is causing the first bad mark on my credit. I was LIED TO! If funds from a check were made available to me BEFORE the check had cleared I should have been informed of that. They should never have told me the check "CLEARED" when it never did. I also had overdraft protection on this account, a lot of good that did.
    I took every precaution I could trying to protect myself from this exact thing from happening. Seeing as how I am not a banker myself, I only know what I see and what I am told. There is no way for me to know that check had not actually cleared since I was the opposite.
    When confronting the bank about the situation, the exact quote the bank manager used was "The bank takes the risk when we let check funds be available before the check actually clears". Exactly, THE BANK TAKES THE RISK! So why am I responsible for paying back that money? The bank has insurance for this kind of thing, I on the other hand did not know I would need insurance to protect my own money in the bank. If the BANK takes the risk, the BANK should take the responsibility.

  49. Why do we as AMERICANS allow these banks to ship our jobs out of the country and we do nothing? Like cattle lead to slaughter. We continue to let the rich pit us against each other. I wanted to have questions anwsered in regards to my acct and I couldnt get anyone from a US call center to help per a rep in Manila.

  50. I have an Auto Loan out,and they always say that I am late and steal money from me for months. I have a 20.25% interest rate auto loan. I have been paying and they claim I missed a month. This happened suddenly after I applied for a deferment. I was approved for June. They said it was applied for May 2012. I never got the deferment, and I made my June payment for my auto loan. They told me that I owned them for 2011, and I missed a payment. They sent me a print out with a month missing. I never was told I was late. Then I made my June payment 2012, and they are saying that I am late on June, I made my May payment and they say I did not. They say I got a deferrmant for May and I did not. All they say is I have been late every month and this is money for the following months. I am not caught up. I am unemployed and they are Liers and thieves. Jp Morgan (Chase) should be sued to they are broke. They also ship our jobs to the Phillipines. All they do is lie and argue with me. I wish someone can help me to know were the Lawyer ius that is Suing Chase. I want to join

  51. It is best to NOT owe Chase Bank money, in my opinion.

    In my opinion, making triple the minimum payments on your three cards for several months in a row would have probably raised your credit score. But, please be advised, it is the 2% monthly minimum payment that in my opinion has become the single biggest cause of the world's economic problems.

    Going forward, if you can afford to pay at least 5% of the monthly minimum due, and save some money as well, you should do that.

    Having credit card debt is stupid, that is the bottom line. However, relying on credit cards when one is only able to make the monthly minimum payment of 2% is a recipe for disaster.

  52. Well, Chase bank has pissed me off for the last time. I pay my account in full every month, but they keep screwing around.

    I'm glad they offered me 0% APR for 18 months with no fees last year - I maxed out their offer, invested the $5,000 in a Mutual fund, and made $800 over the 18 months...

    Now they change their Autopay so you CAN'T pay the full amount.

    Chase bank - thanks for the $800! Now SCREW YOU!!!!

  53. I opened several bank accounts with Washington Mutual Bank (Now J P Morgan Chase Bank) several years ago.

    These accounts have been dormant since I opened them except for a few legitimate transactions, and numerous fraudulent transactions that Chase Bank has allowed to occur since I made them aware of this, and asked them to close the account one year ago, when I was notified by a police detective that somebody had a fraudulent check with my account number on it.

    I have sent Chase Bank more than 65 emails and facsimile transmissions over the course of the last year, in addition to making several phone calls to them, requesting that the account be closed to prevent these fraudulent transactions from continuing to occur.

    Despite these numerous requests, Chase Bank did not close the accounts, and in fact allowed the fraudulent transactions to continue to occur.

    After Chase Bank allowed these fraudulent withdrawals to occur for a year, despite my repeated requests to close the account to prevent this from happening, they finally credited one of these accounts for less than one half of the fraudulent transactions that have occurred. Of course the fact that Chase Bank applied this partial credit very clearly indicates that they are admitting that they allowed this fraud to take place.

    Attached you will find a spreadsheet detailing what has been fraudulently withdrawn from one of these accounts, the amount that Chase Bank has credited, and the balance due to me on this account.

    Of course a full credit needs to occur with this account, as well as with the other accounts.

    Chase Bank was presumably mailing statements to an incorrect address, and I was not allowed to view statements online as I have been in a remote area of the Philippines for the past 5 years, and Chase Bank had an old email address on file, which did not allow me to complete the online banking application, in order to view the account statements that were never mailed to me. Chase Bank never updated this email address to allow me to view online statements despite numerous requests to do so, until November of 2012.

    The bottom line is that Chase Bank owes me the balance of fraudulent transactions that they allowed to occur with respect to the account that they applied a partial credit to, and the same holds true with respect to the other accounts I had with Chase Bank.

    If Chase Bank continues to refuse to return my money to me, and forces me to litigate the matter, I am pretty certain that there are prior judgements that have been rendered against Chase Bank for them allowing fraudulent transactions to occur to their customers accounts, and I suspect that there are numerous other instances where Chase Bank has allowed this to occur, that have not been pursued by Chase Bank customers, so needless to say, I think the potential for a successful class action lawsuit is great.

  54. Our client is currently pursuing a case against Chase; they have posted a press release that may be valuable to your readers. We would greatly appreciate it if you would please post on your website? The contact information for the firm is included in the actual press release and below. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.

    Adam J. Gana, Esq.
    Napoli Bern Ripka Shkolnik, LLP
    Phone: (212) 267-3700

  55. I got a loan mod done by Chase. They added $23,000.00 to my principal balance and I have been trying for 3 years now to find out why. I can't even get an atty. to look into it for me. I finally filed a complaint with the OCC. Next, it's the Atty. General.


    The Berger Law Group, P. A
    4100 W. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 300, Tampa, FL, 33609

    To Call For Assistance: 866-781-0725
    Monday – Friday, 9am – 8pm EST
    Saturday, 10am – 5pm EST
    1 Why are you getting this notice?
    If you have already retained a lawyer for this matter, please disregard this letter. Is your principle loan balance more than what your home is worth? Have you exhausted your requests for help from your lender in getting your loan modified?

    Our office is in the process of filing a Complex Tort Action (lawsuit) against lenders on behalf of homeowners throughout the country for potentially fraudulent lender/servicer actions. We are not in the business of seeking loan modifications as statistics have shown that loan modifications are not a long term solution to homeowners' problems.

    The goal of this litigation is to reduce the interest rate, monthly payment, and
    principal balance for qualified borrowers through litigation. Additionally, we will seek monetary compensation for damages.

    If you are experiencing foreclosure or sale date problems, our team can help guide you in the proper direction.

    To determine whether your loan or mortgage matches the criteria being considered for a potential lawsuit, please contact this office to learn more, CALL 1-866-781-0725 Corey Lassiter

    The Berger Law Group, P.A., is a collective of attorneys investigating the methods and practices used by banks, originators, servicers and other participants to induce borrowers into financing or refinancing high cost or high interest rate mortgages.

    Factors that we consider and investigate to determine your eligibility as it relates to Alleged Deceptive Practices and Investigation of Alleged Misrepresentation:

    (i) The Defendants' deception in inducing Plaintiffs to enter into loans and mortgages from approximately 2001 through 2010 and which were acquired or are serviced by Defendants;
    (ii) The illegal use of MERS (The Mortgage Electronic Registration System) in connection with those loans and mortgages, and Mortgage Note Origination;
    (iii) The Defendants’ failure to perform their obligations required pursuant to accepting modification TARP funds;
    (iv) The Defendant’s breach of Plaintiffs’ statutorily protected rights;
    (v) The Defendants’ breach and willful violation of numerous consumer and homeowner
    protection statutes, and the willful violations of unfair business practices statutes;
    (vi) Accepting money, transferring alleged assets, and foreclosing upon alleged assets in instances where the alleged assets do not exist, and which these Defendants have no right, title, or interest upon which they can act, Patriot Act Violations/Unlawful Funding of Note;
    (vii) Defendant’s continuing tortuous conduct.

    Please be advised: Statutes of limitations have begun to toll, and this is a factor which may bar your claims in the

    We are not sponsored by or affiliated with your current lender. Before making your choice of attorney, you should give this matter careful thought. The selection of an attorney is an important decision. Pre-selection criteria and audit of home loan consists of loan amount, loan to value percentages, date of loan, and residential jurisdiction. Eligibility status for representation is based on numerous criteria. Results will vary on a case by case basis. We do not guarantee a successful outcome. The Berger Law Group can help you determine whether the available legal alternatives are appropriate for your personal circumstances. This advertisement does not constitute legal advice. Our team of lawyers coordinated by The Berger Law Group, P.A., have substantial experience in lender fraud and related claims.

  57. Chase has stubbornly pursued me for several months for a $120 annual credit card fee for a card that I told them to cancel as soon as I saw the fee charge.

    They send me monthly statements by mail, and they have employees phoning me looking for payment. I explain to each of them that I'm not paying for a service that I'm not using, but the employees claim they are unable to write-off or reduce the 12 month fee charge.

    So the postage charges and the employee wages just keep getting added to Chase's expense line, while the uncollectable $120 fee charge sits in its accounts receivable.

    How much of this phony revenue is showing up in JPM's P/L?

  58. Chase bank is officially on my shit list. I have been waiting for over a week for them to return the service fees so I can close my account! It is no wonder they were served a big fat class action suit for unethical overdraft fees! So I called today and stated that I wanted this taken care of before the 17th of the month so we could close our account and we would NOT incur another $12 fee. The customer service rep told me he was going to call the branch manager to find out why I had not received them yet and call me back. I didn't get that return call so I called him. I was then told that some of them had already been refunded and I should be getting about $32 by tomorrow which I informed him ABSOLUTELY NOT. None of the fees had deposited with the exception of the initial 2 that they refunded when I initially started the complaint and was told after several calls that they were going to refund 6 additional months!

    I cant think of any other financial institution that charges it's customers $12 a month for not having a balance of $1,500 on the 17 of the month. My husband has banked with them since he was a teenager. At that time and up until 2009 it was a $6 fee for not maintaining a balance of $500.

    Chase charges customers for the privilege of using their money all year and earning interest from all of those customers. NOT to mention that it costs a bank a whopping 4 cents to process an overdraft fee and they charge $35 bucks.

    We will be moving our account to Huntington who has FREE checking with NO minimum balance AND 24 hour grace in the event there is a situation of an unintended overdraft.

    This change was supposedly made in 2009 according to their customer service personnel and after arguing with them on the phone I have been successful in having 8 months of fees reversed. THEN they charged me 9 $6 statement copy fees for doing the research on the account for which I did not request. BUT refunded them as 'service fees' as if I wouldn't notice. NOPE those don't count as the 'service fees' you promised to refund!

    According to research I completed the fees were raised from $6 to $12 in 2011 and those with an account prior to that time were to be grandfathered in.

    * At least one direct deposit of $500 or more. (Multiple deposits under $500 but totaling $500 will not qualify.)
    * or, maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more in your checking account.
    * or, maintain an average balance of $5,000 or more in a combination of deposit and/or investment accounts with Chase. (These accounts must be linked to your checking account.)
    * or, pay $25 or more in qualifying account fees (not including monthly account fee).

    All current customers with Chase Checking accounts are grandfathered in as Chase Checking. These accounts are no longer offered as of February 8th.

    Of course Chase representatives could direct me to the date in my online account where it was mentioned that this was going to go into effect and stated I would have also had this information added into a statement received via mail. My answer to that was. Bullshit.

    When changing a policy that DOUBLES the service fee and raises the minimum balance to receive that fee by TRIPLE, A separate letter should be sent out to customers, and not just a few lines added to a statement that no one will read. ALSO it should be released in public forums. It took me logging online and doing research for taxes to realize I was being charged $12 a month!

  59. Chase sent out messages to a bunch of HELOC customers yesterday thanking us for payments that look like 6x whatever the minimum payment should be. Today a message apologizing for the mistake. What is up?

  60. Wanted to send a friend some money to help her after she lost everything in a fire. She sent me her acct number as she lived out of state. I took cash to bank to deposit in her account and they would not accept it. Said I wasn't on the account but could write a check which would be held until cleared. Never knew cash was obsolete.

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