Don't Worry Chase Bank,
Nobody Here but us Lemmings.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The CAT WHO ATE CHASE BANK BOOK is coming, the blog is already here.

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Just what has Chase Bank done? Where to Begin.
A comment I just read tonight on the internet, 10 simple words for Chase Bank to live by...
"I just want Chase Bank to honor their original agreement".

To get Chase Bank to honor those 10 simple words, it is going to take ongoing pressure above and beyond the year 2009.
The Cat who ate Chase Bank will be chock full of actual Chase Bank actions and attitudes that defy civility towards their own customers and even their own employees.

The Cat who Ate Chase Bank will explore and expose Chase Bank's actions that reveal a banking philosophy of "the bank comes first, second, and third."
Is Chase Bank's arrogance somehow tied into Jamie Dimon's relationship with Barack Obama?
Barack Obama accepted tens of millions of dollars in FRAUDULENT Credit Card Donations in 2008. The Credit Card numbers were valid, the names on the credit card were altered to protect donors who had already given the MAXIMUM legal limit.
Could this be why Barack Obama is doing nothing to stop Chase Bank from doing whatever it wants to over a million of their most reliable customers?
Is it possible that somehow Jamie Dimon knew how to make these type of illegal donations happen?
Is that why now Barack Obama does nothing even as Chase Bank endangers the credit accounts of possibly more than one or two million customers?
The customers being affected are customers who EARNED an excellent credit offer by being oustanding credit card customers with an outstanding credit card history. Now these very same customers are being attacked by Chase Bank, simply because Chase Bank thinks they can get away with it.
These customer's monthly minimum payments that they HAVE NEVER BEEN LATE PAYING, are going to increase by 150%. A 300 dollar payment will now become a 750 dollar payment.
Yes, Cheating Honest Americans sure does seem easy, and that is why The Cat Who Ate Chase Bank is being turned into a book. Lets spread the message wide and far that Chase Bank is dead to you, dead to me, dead to all of the millions of americans that just can't stand their arrogant and narcissistically deplorable behavior.
Telling the story of Chase Bank's arrogance through a cats eyes is no easy task.
I can tell you that these photos are lovingly taken, at the time and place of the CATS CHOOSING.
While many of the pictures may come across as humorous or even cute, the messages in the photo are all serious.
Many Chase Bank Customers simply want Chase Bank to "leaf them alone".
Other Customers have already formed lifelong, NEGATIVE, opinions of Chase Bank.

Assuming I can put a book together without getting bogged down in the technical details, The Cat Who Ate Chase Bank should be available by the first week in November of 2009.

This blog won't have that many blog article updates. So if you wish to participate, please leave a comment in the comments section.
Estimated book price will be 15.00 dollars per book, a multiple order of 6 books will be 60 dollars, and 12 books should cost 99 dollars. I am hoping to make a dent in the small business stores. Purchase a 12 pack and if you sell them all at 15 dollars each, you will make a nice profit.

NONE of these pictures are photoshopped. Other than some standard color correction, these pictures are not manipulated with any special software programs.

If this book reminds people that Chase Bank's attitude in this time of great economic strife was unacceptable, then the impact this one book could have could be incredible, and, more importantly, well deserving of a bank that is too big to care for its most loyal and never late paying customers.
Those who have blogged in protest, have written congress, consumer affairs, their local politicians, discussed Chase Bank with anybody who wanted to know, how much time have WE LOST because of the arrogance of Chase Bank?
Just read some of the thousands of letters that are located at to get a sense of the trauma that Chase Bank has UNNECESSARILY inflicted on their own customers.
14 Class Action lawsuits have been filed against Chase Bank over their recent activities against the consumer.
If you were promised a "Life of the Loan" low interest rate Chase Bank Credit Card Loan, your payment 600 dollar a month payment would rise to 1,500!
Chase Bank is spurning their proud to pay down their debt customers in exchange for customers who want a more elitist card, a card named Sapphire. Chase Bank is spending 30 million dollars to "launch" this new card. I wonder where they got the money from?
There is actually a proviso in the Credit Card Reform Bill Act that ALLOWS CHASE BANK to raise the monthly minimum payment on their low interest rate loans, alleging it is for the good of the consumer!
Chase Bank was proud of the 9 Grief counseling centers they set up in Southern California. Ironically, the anguish Chase Bank was causing by the inflexible negotiating positions they gave to their customer service reps could have been invoking just as much pain , if not more, than their grief counseling centers could handle.
I believe Chase Bank is counting on their customers to remain speechless even as Chase Bank is able to take back a promotion they promised.

Several months ago, Oprah Winfrey garnered a lot of favorable publicity for herself and her television show by giving out four free KFC Chicken Grill Coupons to possibly millions of her viewers.

Oprah Winfrey is in a position to help MILLIONS of americans by simply taking Chase Bank on, on her own show, but as far as I know, it never happened. Shame on Oprah, for valuing free chicken coupons more than helping the victims of Chase Bank actions.

All of these photos above will probably be in the book, The Cat Who Ate Chase Bank.
The good news is, there will be EVEN MORE, at least another 20-30 equally wonderful photos, each with their own caption plus information about how Chase Bank's behavior will not be tolerated...
or forgotten!


  1. Hi all, please feel free to say hello!

  2. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Obama to set this straight.

    He's the most corrupt President America's ever had, put in office by the most corrupt organization to ever be allowed into our government - ACORN.

  3. I believe Hillary Clinton would have been a far better choice.

  4. I actually believe that keeping minimum monthly payments low is a bad thing.... Not saying Chase is a good bank for raising this, but rather that ALL banks were greedy and short-sighted when they let them get so low.

  5. As for the Acorn comment....HA!
    Yeah, they did almost nothing to elect BAM.

    And Bush and the right wing orgs who elected him are clean (re: BAM is "the most corrupt President America's ever had") !?

    Oh my.
    I think someone needs to turn of the Hannity and go play with he/her kitty.

  6. If you read this website more closely you would know that I am a Hillary Clinton supporter first and foremost.

    The problem with ACORN is that they INTERFERED in the DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS RACES. Sure, you can make the argument that the Republicans have their shenanigans, and the democrats have theirs, but to actually go within the party and cheat during the democratic caucus contests was a new low.

    I do recall that Bush threw McCain under the bus in 2000 with wild accusations that had no basis in truth. However McCain was not the favorite to begin with and frankly, it was wrong then as well.

    Hillary Clinton actually won more delegates from all the primary races, even when Florida and Michigan are not counted. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama basically tied for the popular vote at 50% for Barack Obama and 49.99% for Hillary Clinton. (with questionable voting tallies in North Carolina and Indiana that may have overly favored Barack Obama). Once again, without counting two of the biggest states in the country, Florida and Michigan, who both backed Hillary Clinton, Barack and Hillary basically tied.

    Barack Obama is a Wall Street backer above and beyond all else, that is why he let the Saturn Deal fall through and instead applauds Wall Street for funding internet IPO's that actually undercut the average blue collar worker's job.

    It's easy to call someone a Beck supporter, it is difficult to realize within your own party there are many millions who know Barack Obama did not act ethically in the democratic race and we are all now suffering as a result.

    Barack Obama accepted donations from ACORN combining with Barack's rich backers who provided valid credit card numbers and ACORN filled them in with names of cartoon characters. DOCUMENTED evidence exists of the fake donations, the cartoon names that were used logically point to ACORN as they did the same thing in Nevada when registering new voters illegally.

  7. In terms of the monthly minimum aspect, this will be covered in the book and will illustrate the errors of Chase Bank's ways.

    Need to get this in the news.

  9. Chase bank hired a compay to appraise the properties with them that were going to foreclose or short sale. I worked for that company Evaluation Soulutions. They never paid us! Now I will have to put liens on these properties. Chase I believe was aware of what was going on for a long time and as a result many of there clients now have liens on there properties.