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Friday, November 27, 2009


It is interesting that a New York judge decided to "punish" One West Bank of California for poor behavior, for their unwillingness to fairly negotiate with one of their customers. The tide may be turning against the banks as judges begin to come forward and fight for home owner mortgage modifications.

While I think it is possible that this case could be overturned in a higher court, I think this judge may be making a valid decision using the premise of a "wake up call" to the banks. If Banks continue to behave smugly, especially when they have received federal bailout money, then maybe judicial "wake up calls" are a valid reason to waive homeowner debt as the verdict serves to create motivation for the banks to try and be more helpful then they presently are being.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Chase Bank UNHAPPY, ANGRY, AND AFRAID home loan modification customers.

When I find so much anti Chase Bank sentiment on the internet I do also wonder what is Chase Bank's position on the situation. I assume Chase Bank is trying to move forward cautiously on home loan modifications and in a way that does not create greater losses for themselves.

But, there does seem to be a pattern emerging where people just want the best chance to succeed with their home loan modification. How can a home loan modification at 11.99 percent be considered a success?

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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Apparently, Parallel Foreclosures is a banking process by which banks start foreclosure papers on your home from the moment you voluntarily come in to ask for a home loan modification.

It appears the good guy bad guy bankers will look the homeowner in the eye as the homeowner attempts to civilly negotiate a home loan modification solution even as the another set of banksters, the robo banksters, are secretly loading up their foreclosure machine gun to remove the homeowner from their home via a foreclosure, auction, and eviction.
Even if the homeowner is good faith complying, the robo banksters may have already started loading their foreclosure bullets anyways by a process known as parallel foreclosures.
Could the video above be the training film the robo banksters are using to take a home from the homeowner who was simply asking for a home loan modification? In the Robo Bankster world, compliance doesn't mean what it used to, as the video demonstrates.
You can see a longer version of the video clip above, directly below.
Mr. Kenny, the person in the video clip who complies by dropping his "weapon" (also known as a home loan modification for our purposes), reminds me of a homeowner that has asked for a homeloan modification.
The robocop is the foreclosure robot specialist, also known as the robo bankster with the machine gun arms.
The gentleman who advises Mr. Kenny to "drop his weapon" (the home loan modification application), is the home loan modification specialist advising Mr. Kenny on the right way to comply.
See what happens when Mr. Kenny "complies" (spoof alert, this is just a spoof based on a famous movie called robo cop that was made in the late 80's).

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Banks' messes prove they need a strict baby sitter --

Excellent article by David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times. Click the link above to read it.
"This didn't seem like the way you should treat a loyal customer," Underwood said.
Chase Bank and the word loyalty in the same sentence? One more customer learns the truth.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

BE VERY AFRAID OF CHASE BANK, VERY AFRAID, How Chase Bank takes your home even while they accept your payments.

This is a very very important story. The CBS 5 news reporter, Sarah Buduson, has clearly and concisely exposed how Chase Bank is stealing people's homes!

While Chase Bank negotiates to your face over a home loan modification, Chase Bank at the same time is also spending tons of money to process all the necessary paper work to foreclose on your home!
One of the basic tenets of a civilized society is to first communicate with the other side and then allow them a certain amount of time to respond to the request, then and only then does one proceed the case to the next level!

It's as if Chase Bank views the home owner as a rent ransomer and Chase Bank is merely stalling them while their own foreclosure swat team moves in to have the home owner removed.
In this instance, Chase Bank only admitted they made a mistake when the news media got involved!
That is how a bankster behaves. The home owner wants to stay in their home and willingly comes in to communicate their desire to Chase bank. What does Chase Bank the Bankster do? Chase Bank the bankster actually stalls the homeowner while preparing the papers to foreclose and sell their home even when the homeowner is actually complying with Chase Bank's requests!

You all should check out my Robots Against Chase blog. There is an actual video of a homeowner who went through the very same thing as the couple in this video and he describes in agonizing detail how Chase Bank simply ignored his payments and kept processing his foreclosure papers!

Putting resources into repossessing a home when the homeowner is trying to work with Chase Bank makes Chase Bank business practices an enemy of the people, and the judges who placate them are the biggest enablers of all.

I believe the reporter should go find the judge who signed off on the foreclosure paperwork and ask that judge why it is ethical to proceed with a foreclosure when the home owners are still in negotiations with the bank over a home loan modification.

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(Edit note, I was informed on a loansafe dot org forum that not all foreclosures and evictions require a judge's signature, even when law enforcement shows up to evict the homeowner!)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Great Credit Card Interest Rate Caper, how the banks are selling your job overseas, and charging you for the privilege of doing it.

Credit card debt in combination with high high interest rate charges amounts to american consumers paying 15-25 billion dollars EVERY MONTH in INTEREST RATE CHARGES on EXISTING, OLD CREDIT CARD DEBT. 15-25 billion dollars EVERY MONTH of precious "after payroll tax" dollars bypasses local economies and instead goes directly to banks and not into local economies resulting in lost local jobs.

Lost local jobs equals less revenue for states even as the states spend more and more to take care of those who are out of work. Less revenue for states leads to increased state and local consumption taxes. Increased state and local taxation results in local businesses cutting additional jobs and spending. The local community loses jobs and the ability to buy goods or services. Repeat the process for the same result, fewer jobs, more debt, and no way out.

Credit Card Debt creates 15 to 25 billion dollars of spending money each and every month for Wall Street executives to invest in overseas job opportunities. Americans with credit card debt are financing overseas jobs that create knock off, lower cost products that desperate americans then buy because they cannot "afford" anything better.

The irony is, after a few years of increasing credit card debt caused by the loss of local jobs, americans would have been better off paying DOUBLE for an american made product in cash.

Spending more money locally in cash can actually be more cost effective than buying a knock off made out of the country for less up front money because of all of the credit card interest rate charges that get tacked on over time.

Because the usurious credit card interest rate scandal is too good to be true, Credit card enslavement has been created by raising interest rates to record levels so that people cannot afford to pay down their credit card debt.

Profiteers from the above endeavor simply ridicule anybody with credit card debt to keep them in line, to make them feel ashamed and beaten down and embarrassed to publicly protest about what is going on.

Federal, State, and Local governments, nervous that their own revenues are falling, swoon at the banks feet because amazingly enough, the banks have cash and can help salvage local governments through the troubled times that the banks themselves helped create.

The banks generously offer low interest rates to all branches of government to help offset the "deadbeat" taxpayer that was originally victimized by the same banks that the government is swooning over.

You have to wake up your local government officials and demand that interest rates on EXISTING CREDIT CARD DEBT, not new credit cared debt, BUT EXISTING CREDIT CARD DEBT, needs to be SEVERELY REDUCED, to 1 or 2%, for any consumer that can afford to pay down their credit card debt, YOUR JOB, YOUR LIVELIHOOD, YOUR HOME, may depend on it.

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