Don't Worry Chase Bank,
Nobody Here but us Lemmings.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Book Delays, still can't upload my photos from my Canon Power Shot Camera onto Apple Snow Leopard, FIVE MONTHS HELD HOSTAGE BY MAC!

The title says it all. I upgraded my mac to snowleopard and now I can't upload photos to my canon image browser software. Amazingly enough, the Apple I-photo software offers NO WAY to super impose words over the photo.

As anyone who has seen the prior photos I have created, they ALL have text on them. Costco has joined on the consumer fraud by continuing to sell canon powershot cameras in their store with the canon packaging that states the cameras work with macs.

If a camera's own proprietary software WON'T WORK on an computer platform, than the camera is being sold as an incomplete package. I learned a long time ago that archiving a library in master location is the simplest way to create a work flow. I refuse to bend from that principle.

I have found over and over that the digital world is all about destroying solid, steadfast rules in exchange for playing things fast, easy, and changeable to maximize profits even if it means destroying how people were already using their products.

Parallels can be made between our dysfunctional economy and punk companies like Apple that are too big to care.

Don't forget, the Cat Who Ate Chase Bank, the book, coming out in early 2010.


  1. I dunno Alessandro,

    I can't tell if this is elitist whining from somebody who can afford to move beyond the G4 platform and didn't check the specs on the Canon etc...or maybe Chase got to YOU about your very worthy book about them taking advantage of 1 millions of their best customers, by raising their minimum paymenst 150%?

    Back up to G4 and pre-Snow Leopard and finish your book or somebody else will:)

    Blessings, Gerry

  2. ha ha. I already had the mac, I just upgraded the hard drive, ram and operating system. It is not that big of a computer so leaving different operating systems on it takes up more memory and would be a total hassle as it would mean I would constantly be switching between operating platforms.

  3. Dude, V day is almost a MONTH over...

    you've GOT the GREEN, now put St. Patricks Day on it:)

  4. I see your point. Green and Red works for the winter holidays, Valentines Day, and St. Patricks day, who knew!