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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ann Minch on The Suze Orman Show talking about the Debtor's Revolt.

If only Suze Orman read this blog. If Suze Orman read this blog she would wear a lunch bag over her head out of embarrassment, not for the great job she did while Ann Minch was on, (and Ann was pretty terrific as well), but it was Orman's absolutely WRONG answer to an email question about Chase Bank's 7.99 interest rate offer that floored me.

Before I go on about the wrongness of Suze Orman's answer to the Chase Bank question, let me state that she and Ann Minch did such a wonderful half an hour together Ms. Orman would be wise to split that half an hour from the second half of that particular episode and rerun it in future programs.

But please, please Ms. Orman, if you decide to rerun your debtor's revolt segment, PLEASE ONLY DO THE SEGMENT WITH ANN MINCH SINCE AFTER THAT SECTION, RIGHT NEAR THE END OF THAT HOUR SEGMENT, YOU GAVE AN ABSOLUTELY WRONG ANSWER about Chase Bank and their 7.99% offer.

Many have called Chase Bank's 7.99 percent interest rate offer to customers who actually had lower interest rates a bait and switch manuever. Since the original life of the loan lower interest rate Chase Bank had previously offered was for interest rates of 1.99, 2.99, 3.99, 4.99. and 5.99, customers have now been FORCED to accept the 7.99 percent offer because Chase Bank raised their monthly minimum payment from 2% to 5% and they could not afford such a HUGE JUMP IN THE MONTHLY PAYMENT.

It's like somebody picking your pocket and then offering to give you back SOME of the money. Well goodee for Chase Bank, but not for their customers.

Suze seemed pleased with Chase Bank for making the 7.99 interest rate offer AFTER CHASE BANK RENEGED on their original, life of the loan offer by raising the monthly minimum payment from 2% to 5%. Some if not all of these 7.99 interest rate offers are only for a couple of years, then they too balloon to as much as 20 plus percent! How can this be considered a good thing when the ORIGINAL DEAL WAS FOR A LOWER INTEREST RATE FOR THE LIFE OF THE LOAN?

Perhaps I shall devote two chapters in my book, The Cat Who Ate Chase Bank, to Suze Orman. One chapter will be devoted to the fine half hour she spent with Ann Minch of Debtor's Revolt, and then a second chapter would be devoted to reviewing Ms. Orman's comments about Chase Bank's " 7.99 interest offer". I am really saddened Ms. Orman could fly so high one half hour, than fall so far so fast within minutes by actually giving props to Chase Bank for baiting and switching their customers.

However, I would like to complement the Suze Orman show for their rapid fire use of text messages at the bottom of the screen that immediately inform people about what is going on. The text information adds an extra layer of valuable information as the interview proceeds, especially for those who may turn in during the show and not know what is going on. For that the Suze Orman show gets a huge round of applause.

I normally take a photo off of the television screen when I do a review of a televsion show or segment, but when I upgraded to snow leopard my canon camera no longer uploads my photos. Canon customer service assures me that if I call during the weekday customer service hours they will help me get my photos to upload. I remain skeptical but will give it a try. My book has been delayed because of this Apple and Canon fiasco.

(edit update). The Canon and Apple Snow Leopard incompatibility issue is supposed to be corrected by mid November 2009 to late November 2009.

Don't forget, the Cat Who Ate Chase Bank Book, coming this November.

In case you never saw the Debtor's Revolt video, here it is.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BofA pledges moratorium on credit card interest rates hikes

I credit Ann Minch of the very famous youtube Debtor's Revolt video as being the reason for Bank of America's decision to not raise credit card rates anymore before the Credit Card Reform Bill takes full effect in early 2010.

Meanwhile, Chase Bank refuses to make a similar promise as Bank of America. Just one more reason in a long list of reasons why the book, The Cat Who Ate Chase Bank, is needed as a rallying cry against Chase Bank.

My favorite saying..."People who say it cannot be done should not get in the way of those who are already doing it." ...applies here. I have always felt that telling someone something can't happen because of "them" is the same thing as trying to stop them.
I have always gotten the chills when hearing the phrase "they won't listen", or, "they will never do that", and now my chills have been justified. For those who believe that "they" don't listen or "they" will never do that, Ann Minch has proven the "theysayers", wrong.
Ann Minch is living proof that ignoring the "they" idiots and doing the right thing can get a just result.
Ann Minch was right for believing that enough is enough, and now millions of people will benefit as a result.

All people had to do was watch her youtube video to ensure that the collective number of viewers would grow to an eye opening amount.

1/2 million people watching a video about finances is the same as 20 million people watching a youtube video about a celebrity scandal, and Bank of America noticed, whereas Chase Bank did not.

This is why Chase Bank remains in a "class" of their own.

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